Promotion - buy X and save X - different products


This has been troubling me and I wanted to know if this is possible.

I want to create a promotion, where if the customer purchases any 5 products out of a particular group of about 10 products, then they will receive a discount.

If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it - even if it’s to tell me that it is not possible!

Hello notfilc!

We've checked cs-cart default functionality and unfortunately we don't see how it can be done in the standart cart. It looks like custom development.

Best regards, Alt-team

have a look at tbirnseths discount plan addon


I did purchase the discount plans addon but it does not work quite how you might expect it to from reading. With this addon the quantity applies to each product individually, not as a group. So if your quantity discount was 3 you would have to have 3 of each item in the plan, not 3 of any item in the plan.