promo item added to cart when it wasn't supposed to be

We have a promotion where a customer gets a free item if their order exceeds $150. This is ongoing. Currently we’re also having a temporary 44% off sale. We just got an order for $75 but the free item was still added to the cart.

The sale price & discount price are still under $150, so how was this item added to the cart?

For the free promo item I have “over $150” as the condition rule, then $150 spent money as the condition of use, with the promo product item as the action. The sale I have is a category discount and the free promo category is not checked to be included.

On the invoice the promo item says $0.00 as the price, whereas it usually says “Free”.

I tested it myself adding the same items to the cart that are on this order & my test did NOT add the free promo item to my cart.

Anyone? Please? I need to know how to proceed with this order. Or is this one heck-of-a-stumper?