Promo code error

[size=3]A customer contacted me today regarding a promo code that was not working for them. The coupon code they were using is correct. When I review the promotions, the code matches, it is not expired, and I’ve tested it myself. When I add the item to the cart, proceed to checkout, and enter the discount code, I get the following error.[/size]

[quote]There is no such discount coupon. Please try again.[/quote]

[size=3]I’ve also tested other coupon codes that we ahve setup and get the same error. Can anyone point me to what they they think may be causing the error? If the code matches, and it is not expired, how can the customer be getting this error?[/size]

Hello dziner!

I've tried to reproduce your problem and everything is working fine on my end. I would recommend you to check available period for your coupon code and conditions you've specified. Also this problem may be caused by changing any script related to promotions or installing some new addon.

Best regards, Alt-team

Im having the same issue. I have dumped the cache. No better.