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Hi There,

I have a small online shop for personalised greetings cards (like moonpig) at It is not yet built on CS Cart.

I want to develop the site and rebuild it on CS Cart but to do that I would need help with the personalisation module. It would need to work like this:

[COLOR=“Navy”]A library of hires images will exist on the site and these will be searchable by band name, year, genre or photographer.

Once selected a user will be able to personalise the front of the card and the inside (with text and pre-defined graphics) on the inside.

The will then be able to order the card as A5, A4, or invite (A6). The will be able to specify quantity and delivery date require and whether the cards will go back to them or directly to the recipient. They should get a preview of the card they have created (flip-book) style.

We also want to offer predefined magazine covers as cards. users will select a cover, upload their image, personalise the front and inside (the front will have specific areas for personalisation).

People should have areas to upload their own photos and be able to see what they have ordered in the past (is this part of the pinnacle functionality). In fact we want to offer a “create your own card” area as well.

The back end of the system will spit out an order plus a hires PDF in A4 size (we will then resize when we print).

We would also be able to offer books than can be personalised on the front cover and the first page… infact we are considering a range of products that will work in this way.[/COLOR]

That’s the general brief. In some ways it is like a T-shirt module… but not quite. Not sure whether it should be Flash or something similar. If anyone is interested in looking at this and quoting please email me at

I know CS-Cart built this site [url][/url]

may have some similar features of yours?

Many thanks for that. Do you know where I would go to get a quote. This site is very similar in many ways.


[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]I know CS-Cart built this site [url][/url]

may have some similar features of yours?[/QUOTE]

Guess the owner doesn’t like Macs.

Got this message on the website:

Sorry we don’t fully support your browser

  • Safari / Chrome, on MacIntosh - at the moment.

    We are working on it and should have it completed very soon.