Project Horizontal Categories CS 2

I have been working on this for a better part of the day and I am glad to say that I am actually getting somewhere.:smiley:

If I did not have so many products with so many categories, I wouldn’t have even attempted it but seeing how as we have filters now, I needed to free up some space.

I am far from done but I do have a good start. CS actually implented a portion of the Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework so all of the files are already in place. The only bad thing is that the category_emenu template has to be completely recoded according to your categories.

Anyway, I thought I would start this thread so I could have someone to laugh or cry with depending on how it turns out and I am sure it will peak interest in some if not most.

This is by no means an easy task so for those that are not ready to code a complete template, you may not want to even think about it. When I get completely done with it I will try to show what needs to be done so others can attempt this time consuming task.:sad:

I also want to thank Jason and CSCartSkins for doing such a fine job on my CS 2 skin. Hopefully he won’t charge me when I ask him to help with the look of the Categories.:wink:

You can view my progress on my test site at:

I was looking at doing something like this myself, if i get time i’ll have a go over the weekend.

This seems promising but I must be missing something on your ‘demo’ site - where are these horizontal categories?

I was probably working on it at the time you looked. It’s still a mess but it is there none the less. I have been trying different ways and also figuring out how to let the CS software fill in the blanks.

Going fishing so I won’t be working on it this weekend. Let me know what you come up with Charlie.

@Tool Outfitters Looks like you’ve given up on the menu.

Give me a couple of days and i should be finished. I’ll see if i can post a demo link first.

Nope. I haven’t given up. I tried a couple of different things when I came back from fishing Sunday evening but didn’t spend that much time on it. Trying to work it in with everything else that I have going on. Hell, sno thought it was bad changing diapers…try being a single father of a baby.:frowning: :mrgreen:

In the beginning I was setting it up manually and since then I have been trying to figure out how to get the software to pull what I want where I want.

Menu in the theme austere done by Free CSS Drop-Down Menu Framework (

How can this menu, make a theme for adobe?

I mentioned where the mod came from in the first post. I have no idea about “make a theme for adobe”.

Charlie, have you had a chance to look at this? I am stuck on how to pull the subcategories by letter.

Considered rows of thin (height) round cornered tabs? Would be quite appealing. Having the categories a alphabetized on first letter makes it hard for a user to “see” what’s available.

Most sites should be able to work with 10 or so top-level categories/tabs with the remainder cascading underneath. I did tabbed categories but I only have a couple of categories right now with expectation of probably 3 more. Managing multiple rows could get dicey.

Tool Outfitters> whats the progress on your good work ? :slight_smile:

@tbirnseth - The main categories are viewed when hovering “Product Category” and the alphabetized letters are for secondary categories. I have so many products with so many categories that the main categories will not fit in a line horizontally across the top. Yes, if I did have fewer categories then that would definately be the way to go.

@darius - I haven’t had much time to work on it lately but right now I am stuck on how to pull the subcategories alphabetically. Most will probably not want to do it this way (unless they have many categories) but the concept still applys.

Still wanting to hear from Charlie on his progress.

I also have seen that ThomH came out with a horizontal mod but they don’t have a demo of it.

Isn’t this it ?


[quote name=‘Darius’]Isn’t this it ?


I stand corrected. LOL I didn’t see a link to it when he came out with it. Just screen shots of the admin.


Still wanting to hear from Charlie on his progress.


I had it finished it until i noticed it didn’t work with IE6 (sodding Microsoft), i’ll have a rethink and try and get something posted over the weekend. Sorry for the delay.

Since mine was more difficult (because of the many categories) I went ahead and came up with the not so difficult mod for those who have fewer categories. I haven’t had a chance to check it for bugs or browser compatability but it can be viewed at: h**p://

It does not show subcategories in IE6.

With IE8 and FF everything looks good. What is the purpose of this “space” in between subcategory menu, mouse hovers it with different color :slight_smile:

I must be in the same boat as Charlie.

Yeah, I see what you mean about the space. Also the arrow is separated by a divider.

Back to the drawing board.

Horizontal Categories Menu [url][/url]