Progressive freight charges per quantity

I need a little guidance;

I’m listing items that have a progressive freight charge depending on quantity purchased.

Example 1 to 3 items $125 4 to 6 $165 7 to 185 etc

I have no clue if this can be done.

Help !! :confused:

Hello Cilsinc,

In this case you should set necessary rates in the “Items dependences” section (go to Administration panel - Shipping/Taxes - Shipping methods - click on the “edit” link of the name of the necessary shipping method - Shipping charges - Items dependencies). For more information about shipping charges please refer to this article in our Knowledge Base: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

This is fine but how do I assign this method to a select number of items.

For example in my category X-Machine I have six items that I need to apply this to.

And I won’t be using integration to shippers such as UPS or USPS etc. I know I have to create the method and assign the charges but I can’t see how to assign to only a few items.

Thanks for helping.

Thank you for the reply, Cilsinc.

In this case I advise that you use the “Suppliers” functionality ( [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation ). So you need to create a new supplier and assign this supplier to the necessary products. Then you should create a new shipping method and assign it to this supplier. After that you will be able to set shipping charges using the instruction I provided before.

Something I’m missing. I’ve been through all the steps several times and the cart keeps showing this message.

“Unfortunately no shipping options are available for your location.

Please contact us and we will see about delivering to you.”

Got it!! Product weight has to exceed realtime calculators max weights for the manual shipping option to display.

Thank You!

You are welcome.