Profile update and Image Verification error

I’ve had bot problems near the EOL of ver 2.2.4, and have enabled all the image verification options in the new build of ver 3.0.1

Can anyone else confirm this error in ver 3.0.1?

When I disable these settings: Settings → Image Verification →

  1. Do not use verification if user is logged in (unchecked)
  2. Do not use verification after first valid answer (unchecked)

    (you may need to clear your cookies or your cache, or create a new session, for changes to these setting to be applied)

    And then enable this setting:

    Settings → Image Verification → Use for → Registration form

    Logged in users cannot update their Profile. Image Verification fails with Error message: “Incorrect or missing confirmation code.”, even though there is no Image Verification form on the page.

    The cause seems to be:

    Image Verification is only included for “add” mode in \skins[skin_name]\customer\views\profiles\update.tpl

    line 69
{if $mode == "add" && $settings.Image_verification.use_for_register == "Y"}
```<br />
<br />
Changing line 69 to this, fixed the problem:<br />
{if $settings.Image_verification.use_for_register == "Y"}
```<br />
<br />
Less is more,<br />
Thank you,<br />

Hello Donnie,

Thank you for your message.

I have reproduced this problem in the standard CS-Cart installation and confirm that it is a minor bug in the current CS-Cart version. I have posted the problem description to our Bug Tracker. Our engineers will consider it at the first opportunity. You can subscribe to updates here: http://forum.cs-cart…firmation-code/ .

I really appreciate that you provided information about this problem. Thank you very much for the assistance.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

My pleasure Pave.

CS-Cart gets beat up for minor bugs like this, and it gets beat up even more by users who are trying to make the software do something it's not designed to do (or use add-on in a manner they were not designed for). Personally, I don't think there is a better cart in the universe for the price. Magento? I'm not learning a new programming language for that, plus it's pricey.

You guys are the BEST and I'm loving ver 3. In fact, I'm buying another copy.

This error has returned in version 3.0.2.

The Registration page for a new user will fail with the error “Incorrect or missing confirmation code.”

This happens because line 69 in /public_html/skins/basic/customer/views/profiles/update.tpl states:

{if $mode == “update” && $settings.Image_verification.use_for_register == “Y”}

When I change this line to {if $settings.Image_verification.use_for_register == “Y”} then new customers are able to register an account via the Registration form.

I'm not using Quick Registration.

I found this when customers complained that they couldn't create an account, and got an error message about “the confirmation code missing”.