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For some reason, the phone field is misaligned on the profile edit page. I've tried both the basic skin and a skin I purchased and customized. All the templates in /skin/SKIN_NAME/customer/views/profiles are identical between the basic skin and my custom skin. I can't seem to figure out why this is happening, and I could use some help.


I can confirm in V3 I also had this problem, because the phone field has been omitted from the CSS declaration, no idea why.

Anyway, the fix is as follows. In your base.css:


.account .billing-last-name, .account .billing-state, .account .shipping-last-name, .account .shipping-state

Replace with:

.account .billing-last-name, .account .billing-phone, .account .billing-state, .account .shipping-last-name, .account .shipping-state, .account .shipping-phone

This fixed it for me in both Basic and a custom skin.

That worked perfect! Thanks! :grin:

I'm pretty sure a lot of declarations get overwritten in the base.css file during upgrades, so I hope CS-Cart fix this in future upgrades. Alternatively add the CSS classes in my previous post with the !important property in your styles.css, which should safe guard it.

Wishful thinking, StellarBytes.

I just downloaded all the trial versions of V3.0.5 … and at least in the Pro and MV version, this “bug” is still there.

The trial download for Ultimate on Download the most feature-rich B2B eCommerce software CS-Cart B2B&B2C is screwed up … it is only 85k … so I was not able to verify it, but, I am sure this “bug” is in Ultimate too.