Profile Fields Best Practice?

By default all contact information in


is unchecked.

What is the best practice to display collect company name and its credentials?

If I enable show in profile then while registering itll ask only for company name, it could look strange to retail buyer.

if enabled for checkout, customer clicks go to checkout and he right away jumps to step 3 or 2 ignoring step one.

I do not want to create additional company field for shipping and billing, current company imput field cannot be changed location from contact info to shipping and billing..

Is company name and its credentials info the same for each order?

I am speaking about customers company name & credentials, yes most time they are same.. I just dont want things to look confusions or hardly found, visible.. Current default cs-cart demo site is set so customer cannot enter any of the company data..

If you get to checkout as guest you do not get to fill company details at all even if they are set to be shown (contact details part) in profile and checkout..

What if in DB I change

('8', 'company', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'N', 'I', '40', 'Y', 'C', '0', 'company', 'organization');

'C' to 'B' will this move company field from contact information to billing address? This way company default field would always be assigned to checkout step 2 ?