Products visible but not accessible

I was wondering if this can be made possible easily:

Some products are only available for certain user groups, so viewing and buying should not be possible. But I want to let the customers that do not belong to this user group to be able to see that these products are indeed available for buying (when they sign up for the user group).

The problem is when I assign a product to the user group, the product becomes invisible on the storefront when people are not signed in. I'd like to have it that the product stays visible, but access will be denied when selecting (clicking) the product.

Can this be done?

Or perhaps create a banner/list of latest 10 products including the products for only certain user groups?

I'm using the lates CS Cart 3.0.6

I'm using the basic template which came with CS cart.

Thanks in advance!

Have all the products you want to appear for the “viewing public” Nil price and change the language variable in setting languages form contact us for a price to log in to view prices. then duplicate the same products and assign them to the usergroup only in which you want them and add the prices, so when they sign in they can see the costs associated with whatever products you have assigned to each usergroup.

This is not what i'm looking for, since it's a load of work to duplicate all articles and than alter all acces rights each time.

I'm really looking for a 'design'-solution. Simply show titles in the category-list, but make them either non-clickable or just show access-denied page when clicked.

I found something in fn.catalog.php:

In line 6595 (belongs to function fn_get_products) I changed the following:

$condition .= ($params['area'] == 'C') ? ' AND (' . fn_find_array_in_set($auth['usergroup_ids'], 'products.usergroup_ids', true) . ')' . db_quote(' AND products.status IN (?a)', $_p_statuses) : '';


$condition .= ($params['area'] == 'C') ? db_quote(' AND products.status IN (?a)', $_p_statuses) : '';

After changing this ALL products are shown in a category page, but when clicking the product you are denied access and requested to log in.

I'm now searching if it's possible to only showing titles without no small descriptions. And if possible the titles are not shown as a hyperlink.

Almost there…