Products timestamp and amount,stock

products.timestamp and products.amount by

sample: product ranking

1.product: timestamp=15.05.2013 : number of stock=10

2.product: timestamp=15.05.2013 : number of stock=3

3.product: timestamp=14.05.2013 : number of stock=8

4.product: timestamp=13.05.2013 : number of stock=50

5.product: timestamp=16.05.2013 : number of stock=0

this may be such that?

products.timestamp DESC, : products.amount=0,


products.timestamp DESC, : products.amount= DESC,

Can you help me

Cs-cart v3,.06

Look at the function fn_get_product_data() in core/fn.catalog.php.

You can adjust the SQL there to add default ordering. But you probably want to leave the ordering alone if it is passed into the function. Note that many addons also adjust the resulting SQL for this function so you will have to be careful with your syntax.