Products Silently Deleted From Order

I have the following critical problem with cscart
Lets say for example that we have one product tshirt with two options (size and color)
A customer orders 2 tshirts, one black xl and one white xl.
The black one is the last piece and we add the combination as forbitten.
When the order status is changed using API the black xl tshirt is removed from the customers order without any warning. Nothing just dissapears.
I asked cscart support and the reply i got was :
Thank you for the reply.

No, since there is no way in default CS-Cart to create an order in which there will be product with the forbidden options combination. In other case forbidden options combinations does not make any sense.
when i asked again stating that i do not recreate the order only change status they replied :
The same logic works if you'll edit the order from the admin panel. This is default behavior and it won't be changed in the nearest future.
which clearly idicates that they did not bother reading my question.
This is a major problem since cscart removes products from my custmers orders!
If anyone has the same problem and has found a solution please advice

Kind regards

so does this have something to do with the old warning message

"your product xyz has options or combinations not available any more so has been removed from the cart"