products not showing up

So we downloaded the community version for our second site. We added a whole bunch of products. We then imported another csv file of products into named pistons. All of them loaded fine on the admin page, there all active and all, but they do not show up anywhere on the store front page. i can click on one of the products in the admin page though and click the “The page can be viewed at URL:” and it will show up under the category i put it under and all but other than that the products aren’t showing up at all.


Can you see them in the category listing for their primary category?

Where are you expecting to see the products? Maybe a couple of screen shots would help.

yea i can see the products in the admin panel under the category but not under the customer page, and all the pouducts are active

im trying to get some pics now

as you can tell, under this category (where the products should be) are not there

as you can tell here all the products are in the category in the admin page,

Hello harpersmoto,

The problem requires the investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide us with a temporary access to your server.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

i dont have anymore points i can spend on doing something like that.

were just going to export them and re import and see what that does, i anything we will just manually input the products, no big deal

I would take one product and review it thouroughly for things like Status, Main Category, price, inventory tracking, etc.

Then I woud flush the cache.

Then I would click the link from the admin (right side) to view the product detail page.

If that goes well, then I would go to the Admin/Catalog/Categories and view products and look for that product being in that category. Then I would go to the customer side and see if it shows up from a search and/or from the category list page.