Products Landing Page


I'd like to create a product landing page for each root level category.

Something like this:

Where each landing page will have things like banners, promotions, top products etc and then each banner/ promotion/ products will link to sub categories which will be the product page.

Can someone help me do this.



Have you tried cs-cart html or smarty html block with other type blocks to make the similar design/layout?

There is the WYSIWYG editor applied on the category description. You can use it to set up banners. As for scroller with products, there is an ability to create this block on the Categories layout page.

Then just disable it and enable only for necessary categories. There is an ability to specify unique set of products for each category

Is there any chance to to create separate customizable landing page with contact information (fields "name",' "email" and "phone namber" without logo, categories, quick links)?