Products in multiple categories or special pages?

Can CS allow me to list products in their general category and also allow me to have the items listed on special pages. For example:

Categories will be:[list]

[]Cat 1

]Cat 2

[]Cat 3


Special pages will be:[list]

]Items under $50

[*]Mother's Day Gifts


Any particular product could be listed in any or all of the above five sections.

How would this be accomplished? Does CS have a “special page” function to which I can select products, or would these special pages really be additional categories?

Yes, CS-Cart does have these 'special pages' - it's called Product Features, each feature can have its own page, with its own unique content, while simultaneously displaying products from one or more categories.

Thanks. Is there a tutorial on this? The functionality is not exactly intuitive.

Yes, see here for the tutorial: Product Features.

I agree the documentation isn't great, but Product Features and Product Filters can both work together to do exactly what you're looking for, I am working on a new site just now with the same functionality ideas you have above.

You can also just create them as categories and then manually fill them with (for example) products with a price of < $50.