Products In Categories

[COLOR=“Purple”]Repeating the Upgrade from .8 to .12 after a major meltdown, and just finished .10 to .11 on my test site. A few adjustments but so far no real problems this time.

Except…the product listings in the categories are way out of whack. The titles & text is slammed right against the product thumbnail & the add to cart buttons are way over on the right:[/COLOR]


[COLOR=“Purple”]This has to be a change made in the upgrade, but I don’t know which template needs editing. Can anyone give me any idea ?

**UPDATE - I was able to drop the Add To Cart button down below, but now the “Add To Wish List” is underneath instead of to the right [/COLOR]

My product listings are much different from my 2.0.11 cart also. Nothing looks “wrong”, I just like the 2.0.11 layout better.

Where did you find the area to edit for this?

Have you tried turning on customization mode? Design > Design Mode

It will usually show you where changes can be made.

Yeah, I was more interested in the changes to the layout from 2.0.11 and if the OP had found what changed.

The new layout is growing on me now, of course.

[COLOR=“Purple”]I just found where I needed to put some padding to separate the text from the thumbnail…in the “Default Magenta” skin. It was instant gratification :smiley:

skins/my skin/customer/blocks/list templates/product_list.tpl

Line 33

div style=“margin-left: {$settings.Appearance.thumbnail_width}px; padding: 5px”>

It was really weird…for the site mentioned in the original post in the “Lolly” skin, it seemed the slammed text was only evident when applied to existing product listings. New listings seemed to be spaced correctly. Now it looks odd because some products have space between the thumbnail & text while others don’t :?

As for getting the add to cart button to drop down where it belongs, I took out the here between these two right around line 85 in the same template:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Purple”]{assign var=“product_edp” value=“product_edp_$obj_id”}

{$smarty.capture.$product_edp} [/COLOR][COLOR=“Red”][/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Red”][/COLOR][COLOR=“Purple”]{assign var=“add_to_cart” value=“add_to_cart_$obj_id”}