Products from Different Countries

Hi, I sell gift cards. Some are good in the US and some in Canada. I would like to have a flag option at the header where a user could pick their country, see the gift card available in their country and buy them in their country currency.

Could this be done by setting up 2 main category. One of each country then someone how have a different currency for each currency?

Would be great that the site would pick the person's country with their ip.

Thanks for your help.

You could add a field to the categories for “Category currency” and then when someone viewed that category, a in my_changes/controllers/customer would set the currency to the specified currency before continuing. But it wouldn't affect people who went directly to a product page without going through the currency without some additional work (and you'd need to establish your own rules for what to do when a product is in multiple categories, all with different currency settings)… Simple cases can be simple, complex ones are hard.