Product with different Sizes and prices

i added a product in the system also i added size option to the product

but there is something

i want the user when choose a size to replace the normal size price with the new selected size only

for example

i have a bed skirt in my products

this bed skirt have different size with different prices

Bed skirt ( Fitted Twin ) $100

Bed skirt ( Fitted Full - Queen ) $120

Bed skirt ( Fitted King ) $150

Bed Skirt (Fitted Cal-King ) $200

in CS-Cart its always adding the normal price to the option price

so how i can apply Sizes price without adding a price for my product?

i did it but its telling me contact us to know the price

what to do to deal with this issue?

if I understand you right, the way i would do this is…

The base product is

Product-Bed skirt ( Fitted Twin ) $100 (100 entered on product page admin)

Size Options:

Option 0-(Fitted Twin) (+0.00)

Option 1-( Fitted Full - Queen ) (+$20.00)

Option 2-( Fitted King ) (+$50.00)

Option 3-(Fitted Cal-King ) (+$100.00)

Yes sir i did it like that but the price appear in the select Menu

what if i don’t want to show it in the select menu where i can modify?

or i will modify the result in menu to become


and appear as a single Number not splitted

can you help me where i can modify the script ??

there is something how i can choose Quantity for each option in the same time like this


i think this application dont offer this style for shopping