Product weights aren't being configured in live shipping estimate

My product weights are not being configured in the estimated shipping costs in my customers orders. Is there a setting I'm missing for this? I have weights entered for each product but is there something else I need to do?

My customers are receiving live shipping estimates of approximately $13 whether their order is 2 lbs, 30 lbs or more. It's the same. The weights should also affect the rates but they're not.

Bumping. Anyone know? I really don't want to open a support ticket and pay and wait weeks for an answer.

You may have missed out some settings. Are you able to screenshot your settings?

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Here are some screenshots

USPS configure 2.PNG

USPS configure 1.PNG

USPS enabled in Shipping Settings.PNG

USPS settings.PNG

USPS configure 3.PNG

USPS shipping charges settings.PNG

Hi Brennie

I don't use realtime shipping so don't know if I can help, but …

First thing it would seem you have no min or max weight set in your shipping method, and then you haven't got any weights/costs assigned against in the weight dependencies table.


I didn’t think those would affect it, but I did as you suggested and added a min & max weight. I did not add anything in the weight dependencies table as anything added there adds to the realtime shipping calculation. So I added the min & max & tested and it seems to have solved my problem.

Thanks BarryH!!! 8)

Yes Brennie, you indeed missed out the weight in your settings… :)

Hi Brennie

Glad it worked out for you.