Product weight

How do I make the product weight display on the products page ?

Thank you

You have two options here:

  1. Putting weight twice, once in weight tab second creating a feature weight and adding it again.

  2. Seccond

    Edit /skins/basic/customer/views/products/components/product_features.tpl

    Below {/foreach}




{$product.weight} ({$settings.General.weight_symbol})


This is not added to default functionality since day one…

Please explain more … i tried it and t didn't work…thnx Chris

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Please explain more … i tried it and t didn't work…thnx Chris


What part you did not understand?

Thanks for your help Darius

Well I tried the second option. Then I went to the product page and opened the “Shipping Properties” tab. Then I editted the weight and saved it but nothing happened on the public site.

About the the first option. I can't find a weight tab. Also how do I create a featured weight ?

Thank you


Firs would be creating weight feature here

then adding weight it in features tab

same as you would enter length or any other product details.

Not sure why second option does not work for you since it works fine in my shop.

I have product options that change product weight. When an option is selected on product page it changes the product price but it does not change the product weight even though the option alters the product weight. Is there a way to display the weight change when an option is selected?