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Is there anyway that when I click on add to card it will take me to view cart and not show me that pop up message, its very annoying.

Please help.

Please help me…

I’m not sure the “correct” way to do this, but one way is:

In Admin => Administration => Settings => Users/Cart

Check the box for:

Redirect customer to the cart contents page if non-AJAX addition to a cart is used

Then in:

Admin => Design => Dynamic HTML

Uncheck the box for

AJAX(Javascript)-based the “Add to cart” button

Then in:

Admin => Design => Appearance

Change the amount for

Notice displaying time (to turn off the autohide function enter 0)

To 1

Then in:






I’m not sure if the box still comes up or not. If it does it only comes up for 1 second and since you deleted the code from notification.tpl your customers will never know if the box comes up even if it does.

I wish I had a better solution, but at least this works.


Thank you - but removing that code didn’t do anything it still display that message its very annoying.

Try clearing your cache.

You can test this on [url][/url]


Your site is working fine but mine is still showing that stupid box. Thank you for your time and help but its still not working .

Stupid questions I guess, but are you sure you did the settings right? Are you sure you modified the right file? Are you sure you cleared your cache?

You might try going through ftp to your site and deleting your var/cache and var/compiled folders.

Also, if you are using Smart Optimizer you might need to clear your smartoptimizer/cache folder.


Question is not stupid but site is not working as per your instruction and yes I have followed the instruction but I will clear the files as mention by you. Thanks

Thank you very much - now its fixed and not displaying that message.

Thank you again for your time and efforts.

great solution…