Product Variation Issue Due To Common Products For Vendors [Beta] Add On


After installation of common product for vendors addon, product variation field is not working. If i disable this addon then only product variation drop down has values like configurable product or simple product.

But when i enable common product for vendors addon then there is no value in drop down due to that i am not able to create new products.

Any one help me on this. Thanks.


Suggest you contact the developer of the addon. It is not a standard cs-cart addon as far as I'm aware.

Hi Thanks for your reply.

This is standard cs cart addon. You can find it on following url :

Although BETA, this is a standard MV Plus addon - it must work if the license is paid.

Install it again.

All options are there...

I guess my mistake. I don't view anything related to MVE Plus as a standard cs-cart product since it's a multi $K addon for the standard product.