Product Variants..need help! ver 2.11


For my product, I would like my picture to change accordingly when you select a different color. I have my drop down box set up to select colors to choose, but my MAIN photo does not show the color you select.

I did set up the variants with different photos.

I know it can be done. I found a CS-cart site where they do it.


Help Please!Thanks Stan.

Where did you put your image for the color? In order for it to change like the site you posted, you have to put the image to the option combination once each is created or you won’t see the picture change. If you attached each image in the Option setup, you should see the image below the option box in the product as a small image. There is no way to enlarge those images, though, and that’s why I did it at the option combination level. I am using 2.0.8 and I don’t think this functionality changed to 2.0.11.

Thank you Stephanie. I tried it at the Option Combination Level and it works great. Thank you very much. Stan

Wow. Beautiful job on your site! Nice.