Product variant inventory report

Hi guys.

I was just wondering if it is at all possible to produce an inventory report for product variants?

I have tried doing an export (Administration > Export data) but the results are useless.

I would even appreciate if anyone can quickly post a mysql query to produce such a report which I can then format into a table and access externally from the system.

Thank you.

I would love this option, too! Maybe we should add this to the Ideas list of items desired. I’ve looked at mysql but am just not familiar enough with how to create queries to create one that can do the job for me.

I’m absolutely desperate for this one now. Can anyone help?

This feature should be an absolute necessity in the cs-cart core. Its ridiculously hard to try and see and maintain product option variant inventories at the moment.

Any comments from the cs-cart team about this?

Does anyone want to get together and get a mod built for this?

If we have enough people asking for this, it will be really cheap. I think its a really important thing to be able to quickly view a list of items and their stock levels. I am thinking an expanding / collapsing area under each product with all the combinations listed in a scrolling div. Anyone else have any thoughts or requests?

Hi Geeves,

I would be willing to go in on a mod if it’s not too expensive. I really need this option, too, and find it one of CS-Cart’s biggest shortfalls!! I can’t believe they don’t have a report available that will pull the inventory for products down to the option level.

This is insane that cs-cart does not have an inventory report option. My horrible OScommerce cart could at least do that.

I really need the ability to use cs-cart to manage my on-hand inventory!

When are some good updates coming out?? We need this stuff

Anyone develop this or have plans to? I would definitely pay for this.