Product URL export on data feed


Does it possible to export on “data feed” admin options the product URL?

I don’t find where/how can i do.

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It is a bug, you cant use this addon without the URL! See in the bug tracker!


Thanks Triplex, I ve just found.

It’s here i think > [url][/url]

or here > [url][/url]

But no correction?

[quote name=‘djuzapto’]Dear

Thanks Triplex, I ve just found.

It’s here i think > [url][/url]

or here > [url][/url]

But no correction?[/QUOTE]

Yes it is [url][/url]

Write in this Bug Post you post too. Yes it havent a fix yet!

But i think in need not many time to get an fix! Maybe my coder can fix it next days.


It’s Done

Waiting feedback/fix please.

It’s not a bug, see helpdesk comunication :

It is not a bug. it is a default functionality of this add-on. If you want to add this field to this addon we can offer you our custom development service, our engineers can make the modification of this functionality for you on the paid basis. Please let me know if you are interested in it and I will forward your request to our custom development specialist for an estimate.

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Mikhail Ponomarev

Technical support engineer

Why does this addon exist? when can i use? to do what? I don’t understand.



Today 01:05 PM

Done in 2.0.12


It’s OK on 2.0.12 there are the product picture URL and product URL.

Upgrade to 2.012.