Product Thumbnails (Mini Thumbnails)

I am running into a few problems and am wondering if someone could help me out.

I am redesigning my store, so I have my live site online working like normal. I also have installed a copy of CS Cart on my local machine for development so I do not harm my live store.

I am to the point of redesigning the product page but am having a lot of troubles when it comes to the small thumbnails that you click on to change the product image.

Here is what I do when I add images to a product. For the main image, I find the image locally on my computer for the “Popup” size and hit save. I then go to the images tab to add additional images. Again, I find the images locally on my machine for the popup size and save.

Now, CS Cart has created a few images for me.



But that is it, there is nothing in the /cscart/images/thumbnails/ folder. On my live site, when I add images to the popup size it saves it in the popup size, the product size and the mini thumbnail size.

Why are the mini thumbnails not being generated? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

In Administration->Settings:Thumbnails, do you have “Create thumbnails from detailed images automatically” checked?


I have “Create thumbnails from detailed images automatically” checked.

I have “Resize original thumbnail” unchecked.

The same goes for my live store as well.

I think the images in the /thumbnails directory are created the first time the product is viewed. Take look at one of your products in the storefront and then check to see if the thumbnail was created.


EDIT: I just tried this and it seems to work

Switching to the base theme and visiting the product did create the thumbnails. I am guessing that I can specify the thumbnail dimensions somewhere in the theme files?

I think that the thumbnails are generated in in /skins/YOURSKIN/customer/common_templates/image.tpl. I don’t remember where the size is set.


The size of the thumbnails it generated for me are 30px by 30px. What size thumbnails is CS Cart generating for you?

Search for “fn_generate_thumbnail” in your theme files for more info.

Doing something similar to the following in /skins/YOUR-SKIN/customer/views/products/view.tpl will generate your thumbnail.

{assign var = ‘thumbnail_path’ value = $product.main_pair.icon.image_path|fn_generate_thumbnail:60}

Adjust the variables and values to your needs.