Product Thumbnails and Pop-ups

I added 2 different images for each product. The thumbnails are 120px wide by 150px high.

The image that is supposed to be the pop up is 700px wide by 670px high.

I manually loaded the thumbnail image for each product and manually added the popup and supposedly larger image. Curiously, the popup image is smaller than the product detailed image and this should not be.

What cart settings are relevant and useful here? The only admin setting related to images is entitled thumbnails so it isn’t easy to work out.

Thanks in advance.

No responses?

Here are the site details:


From the admin dashboard, I can see 2 separate images:

The product thumb:


The popup:


From the outside, however, it only is using one image and, when I hover on the image, I can see that it has adopted the image that I loaded as the detailed popup to be the thumnail. When I “right click” and open the larger image in a new window or tab, it is the size I want it to be. When I just click on the “view larger image” link, it shrinks it to be a thumbnail.

I’ve pored over all the documentation about product images that I can find online and in the knowledge base. I’ve verified admin settings for a site where this is working (although it is version 2.0.12) and can find no difference.

Here is a link to the product:


I’d really like to know if this is a bug. If it isn’t, I’d really like someone to point me to the place where I can read up on how to do this in version 2.1.1 of CS-Cart.

Well, if anyone happens upon this post in the future, here is the solution:

Administration → Settings → Thumbnails

Alter Product Detailed Height and Width to increase image popup size.

Looks like you loaded your images on the images tab instead of just in the general product page. The images tab is only for other images that you want to show underneath the main image for things like different colours or views etc.

I have attached screenshot for where NOT to put them if you dont want gallery.

Just put in general tab only for std thubm and detailed popup image


not here.png

Thanks Jon, but I had loaded the images in the right place. The problem was with thumbnail settings for Product Detail Image Thumbnails. I posted it above your response.

I guess, from a terminology point of view, I don’t consider the popups to be thumbnails so having all of the settings grouped as Thumbnails in the Admin panel is misleading and confusing for those of us who are literal. :slight_smile:

P.S. Popups do not work in Chrome for some reason. They work in FF and IE so this must be a bug in the software. Where are bugs reported in the forum?

I see yes I was posting at alsmost the same tme as you, The bug tracker link is at the top of page


I’ll try to remember that bugs link in the future. I found the thread by accident last night and posted my 2-cents worth there.

how to change the image FRAME dimensions. i want it to be 30-40 px higher. fit all the screen of a 1366x768 laptop screen.

my detail images are 875x492 but the user have to “move” the image in the popup. the image frame is to small. the bottom of image frame has also the thumbs of other images but also has a 20px over and under it which i want to make smaller and set my images to ??x400px in order to fit without need to move/drag it inside the frame