Product Tabs

So sorry…found the little link and think I can do it embarrassed

In the older versions there were several product tabs besides the product description, including send email to a friend and one that allowed you to put in other suggested items. Neither are allowable in this current version, and none of the ones included pertain to my store.

How can I add a tab such as “Other Accessories” where I can insert coordinating items? I am assuming the send to friend option caused a lot of grief for most as it did for me a while back. Had to shut it off for a while to stop the barrage of ping back junk mail, but then put it back on again with no issues.

Thanks SO much in advance for any suggestions :)

Please check this article:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Just select block with products instead of the HTML block

Thanks so much…I will check it out :)

And if you like to make it even easier then you should consider our addon

With this new Addon you don't need anymore to drill down in Product Blocks to find the custom Tabs. They are just below the Product main description, fast and easy accessible, with the default HTML editor ready to go!