Product Tabs 1.0

Product Tabs 1.0 Addon, formerly Dynamic Tabs is under development by the Mod Club. Expected release date is 2/9/08

Product Tabs 1.0 lets you add additional product tabs to the existing tabs. Product Tabs 1.0 includes all the features of the old Dynamic Tabs mod plus new features like the ability to sort tabs in any order.

To make a long story short Product Tabs 1.0 was born into existence through the generous donations of forum members who helped fund development costs for new Addons.

It’s this generosity that is and has made CS one of the best e-commerce solutions ever. Several of the Addons you have today are because forum members paid to have them developed and eventually included in the cart. Our hopes are that we continue to receive donations for Product Tabs 1.0, donations can be sent to, when released you will receive the Addon by email.

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I hate to sound impatient, but can we get an update on the status of this?

I’m really excited to try it out.

release date is a couple of weeks and a select few members will bug test before we release and have a free for all like we did the first time around…

[size=+2]Product Tabs 1.0 release date is 2/28/08[/size]

still excepting donations at

good sound snorocket, can anticipate feature ?

there’s a few small features added under wraps right now, but mainly it will work with 1.3.5sp2+ and will work with the new tab functionality added in 1.3.5…

Not sure what the product is that is coming out but I agree with general comments.

(When you have it working have post a link to a demo and I can then make a decision - at the moment my problem is just getting enough product onto the site - and then deciding whether I should upgrade from 134sp3 and if so going through that process)

If I eventually start using it I will make a donation for sure.

Which brings me onto…

It may help if you suggest a donation amount or range.

It may also help if you make it clear that any excess (lol - but hopefully) will go into a pot for a new mod.

we’ll put screenshots up a few days before it’s released, most people donate $25 and we have had donations as large as $100, the Addon is well worth it, we’ve never asked for a set price, but to be honest anything less then $25 is pretty insulting to the Mod Club considering how much time and effort we’ve put into developing Addons, looking at our past history we developed the Testimonials and Newest Products Addons FREE and as a result of their popularity they were included FREE into 1.3.5+, as far we we know this Addon will only be available from the Mod Club, it is truly a win-win situation for all, excess donations will always be put towards an addon you choose from our list, as of right now excess donations will be towards the Product Packs Addon untill we get more participation from forum members.

In addition the Board of Directors of the Mod Club will vote soon on a new referendum that will put into effect new guidelines concerning Addon donations after the release date of an new Addon. This is mainly due to the lack of participation in raising funds for new Addons which means after 2/9/07 Product Tabs will no longer be available to current forum members, only new members will have the oppurtunity to donate and recieve the Product Tabs Addon. Why? because there had been plenty of time to donate and we have had a lack of participation in the Mod Club, what’s happens is instead of everyone being able to donate $15 and get a killer mod, we have to donate $25, $50, $75+ each in order to reach the goal and then people come along after the fact when they know we’ve reached the goal and try to slide in under the rug with the min. donation, it’s not fair to the rest of the club, people who miss the first boat can get back on the boat by donating to the Product Packs and Product Designer (T-Shirt Designer) Addons…

These are the current Addons we’re accepting donations for:

Product Tabs 1.0 Addon

Product Packs 1.0 Addon

Product Designer 1.0 Addon

most people donate between $25-$75, we have had a few very generous donations of $100+ in the past, and of course any excess money goes to develop one of the next Addons, which in our case is Product Packs 1.0 and Product Designer 1.0…

(Snorocket edited and reduced his comments - I think ?? - in the above post but I have left mine as it was)

Thanks for explaining all that - love the theory and thoughts so I am about to make a goodwill donation of $25. (Done)

Maybe if I ever use the mod it could be counted as a pre payment - if not no problem.

There is no point always thinking it is someone else’s job to do or fund something - things do not move along nearly as quickly and often not at all - would be my comment.

The way I see it if I get a pay back from any future mod that is larger than the cost then I am in pocket.

(At the moment my problem is just getting my basic site populated and bringing in more sales and then to go for an upgrade to 135 - so there is no point getting diverted by mods yet)

onces i will see the screenshot i will donate some funds :wink:

here are pictures of the original addon, the new one will have a few more features…

Dynamic Tabs.JPG





Sorry, i want to see this on store front not admin area.

[quote name=‘miracles’]i want to see[/QUOTE]

one of the pictures is of the storefront area, the mod club only asks for a donation, no one yet has donated anything less then $25 and we’ve had several members donate $100+ who have never seen this Addon before…, as we’ve mentioned before this Addon will no longer be available after the release date, no money no mod…

Important Note: at the request of Mod Club members:

  1. This Addon has been moved to the “basic” skin

    (all other skins you will have to create yourself, no worries it’s easy)

    Product Tabs Storefront.JPG

I had read somewhere that if you donate you get all the mods that the modclub works on is that still the case, or are you asking for a donation for each mod? Also how do you get the mods out to the people who donate? You simply keep an email list? It would be nice to have a website with a login and a download links as well as a feed to keep people updated.

donations are per Addon, if you donated only once and always got all the addons the club would be bankrupt pretty quick, the mods are emailed out to everyone…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]donations are per Addon, if you donated only once and always got all the addons the club would be bankrupt pretty quick, the mods are emailed out to everyone…[/QUOTE]

I am a bit new to all this but can we not get the mod club site running along.

The site is based on joomla so we could have a private log in section for it as well as a more public front end.

[quote name=‘Page’]can we not get the mod club site running…[/QUOTE]

we could but then we couldn’t lollygag…

what on earth is lollygagging?

Are you make up squidgets?

[quote name=‘Page’]what on earth is lollygagging?[/QUOTE]