Product Tab position

Is it possible to have alter the tab position on a product or category basis.

I am want to have reviews show up first on some pages, but description show up first on others.



Do you want to show reviews up first if there are reviews? If no reviews yet then use default global tabs positions?

On some products I want to display an html block with the associated logo costs smack in the customers face when they visit that product but on others I want the description to show first you see.



Are you on version 3.x John?

If you are I believe you can change the block layout for the product quite easily.

Go to any particular product and the righthand most tab is blocks, simply adjust it for that specific product and I believe that will give the results you want.


V2 Yes, V3 No.

Sorry John I misread what you wanted to do, you want to change the tab layout not the block layout.