Product Tab Description Not Filled

Hi fellow cs-cart community members,

I recently had an issue with my cs-cart multi-store setup which was not showing the product tab “description” in the second store front for some reason. As it turned out the engineers at cs-cart prompted me to the fact that the tab as actually missing from the table cscart_product_tabs_description.

Having this sorted out I noticed that the tables cscart_product_description did have the full product descriptions for each product for each language code (lang_code) but it does not show when you preview each product. The one way to so solve this issue is by individually editing each product at a time and just click save. Now this may work but it is quite a tedious job to do for over 600 products. But editing in bulk and then click save does not do the job.

Have any of you some other idea on how to solve this in a less time consuming manor ?

Kind regards