product status

how can i add product status on product page?


in stock

out stock

coming soon

call for availability

admin/settings/general setting, invetory tracking etc


[quote name=‘johnbol1’]admin/settings/general setting, invetory tracking etc


but through inventory tracking i have only option for in stock or out stock how can i add other options ??

So far i know, it isnt possibe to add new stock statuses, the only thing what you can do is, see in frontend what for a status message comes up, search this text in languages and change it as wished. Correct me if i am wrong.

is your price from this item indish rupie? [url]

Because a litle bid expensive!?

thank u xxx :stuck_out_tongue: .if dint find any other solution then this is the way … btw prices are in Pakistani rupees and sure bit higher in international market due to local taxation .