Product Seo Name Edit Does Nothing

Hello, I have a problem with my cs-cart. The problem is very old but I ignore it untill now because I did not need it. On a product page, on SEO tab, if I change the last editable name, and save, it does nothing.

Also, I have a check "Create redirect from old URL" and even if is checked or unchecked, it does nothing.

I try to make some redirects on the 301 redirects section of the SEO meniu, but I can't do anything.

If I change the product name, unistall SEO addon and reinstall it again, the SEO name changes.

Can anyone help me fixing this? At this moment I have the latest version of cs-cart but this problem was old.

If you think that problem is in CS-Cart core, contact support team with this issue. In this case problem will be fixed free of charge

Thanks, I have no ideea where this problem is, and what is the origin of it. Maybe there are others with this problem also.