Product search is giving bad results!

Hi all.

I just noticed recently how bad the search is on my 2.2.4 pro cart. For example, in the search box if I enter ‘jamma harness’ … I should only have a few products that can relate to the search yet I get a return of 226 products which have nothing to do with that search name.


That is 226 out of the active 302 products on the site.

I installed and enabled the Quick Search but that did not do anything with the results.

I am having trouble how this search function actually works. Since there is a space between the two words when entering ‘jamma harness’, it is pulling products with a space in the name or something??

Is this something wrong with my cart and I need a major repair or something?

Please help if you have any suggestions or can point me towards a fix (I’ve searched through the forums and bug tracker but did not see anything).


Hi there,

I would recommend Auto suggest from Shippinkgkit,11

Instead of quick search.

Have a look it's free and let me know how it works for you, before you go crazy looking your data.

Ps Have also a look at user friendly search,11

Gives you much better search results.


Also see [url=“Fixing the Search - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Fixing the Search - Configuration - CS-Cart Community Forums

Thank you for the replies!

I did see that post yesterday Flow but it did not help … I thought it would but there was no change to search results. :-(

I was again looking at this article: http://kb2.cs-cart.c…search-by-all#3

Then I figured, what would happen if I did not have the ‘Search also in’ boxes check.

Strange as this seems but this was the problem:


Search options

Search also in [] Pages [] Site news


I originally had these checked but after I unchecked these, then my search for JAMMA HARNESS dropped from 226 to 6 items! :grin:

I will also check out those shipping kit add-ons, thanks dvsgr!

The results are pretty good now but if there is a way to improve them I will check it out!!


Ah yeah if you had search also displaying results from pages and news, that would explain the massive amount of results ;)