Product Rotator

I’m not sure if I’ve named it correctly, but here’s what I’m thinking about.

I want to use the center section of the index page to cycle through a range of products that I define. I want to show a picture of the product plus wording. After a few seconds, (which I can set), I want to switch to a new product.

We have thousands of products and I’d like to be able to cycle through a group of featured items. I know there’s a mod for doing something like this on a sidebox, but I’m wanting to utilize the more prominent center.



it’s possible to do this, however I only know how to make the products cycle through upon refresh of the page and not automatically, if your interested just contact me…

[quote name=‘snorocket’]it’s possible to do this, however I only know how to make the products cycle through upon refresh of the page and not automatically, if your interested just contact me…[/quote]

Hi Sno,

I found a couple of scripts on DynamicDrive that kinda-sorta do what I want, but not quite. I did find out however, that the function is called a slide show. (Duh, which way did he go George.) I knew that, just forgot in my old age.

I’ll keep looking around for a script that does what I need, than I’ll get in touch with you about working it into the cart.

Before I do anything though, I have to reinstall 1.3.3, because the upgrade to 1.3.4 blew the cart up. Very frustrating that I can’t upgrade. I also can’t figure out what version of the cart I have. Where would I look to find that? I don’t think I’m running 1.3.3 SP2, and that might be the reason the upgrade failed, but from what I’m reading on these forums, just about everyone is having problems. I’m very disappointed with the management over releasing an upgrade that is this destructive, and then charging people to fix what is clearly their mistake. I don’t know if I should go ahead and start from scratch on an 1.3.4 install, and then rebuild my store, or pay CS-C to do it, or wait till 1.3.5? I can install 1.3.4 easy enough, but I don’t know how to get the db installed. There are no mod’s to deal with, just the db and copying the image file to the right directory. I tried installing 1.3.4 and dropped the db and tried importing the “old” db, but it didn’t work. That’s about the full extent of my knowledge.

Have you heard anything in the wind about 1.3.5?



I started from scratch again as it was the easiest thing for me to do as you can imagine I have more mods then I can count so an upgrade won’t work. All I know about 1.3.5 is that I would’nt wait for it, I’d go ahead and start fresh with 1.3.4 and upgrade as soon as possib;e, that’s what I learned, if you wait a version or 2 it just becomes more of an upgrade nightmare. However I did look into the mod you need and can code that pretty easy…let me know

I found an interesting article about an AJAX slide show script here:

[URL=“IBM - Deutschland | IBM”]IBM - Deutschland | IBM

Yeah, I think I don’t have a choice except to start from scratch. Fortunately, my store wasn’t operational and I don’t have a lot of products setup. But it will still take a day or more to copy & paste everything over. Is there any way you know of to get the old db into 1.3.4? I can do the store, I just don’t know anything about doing the db.

I dug a little deeper about that script. In particular, I wanted to find out what “Ken Burns Effects” were. Talk about cool! Wow doesn’t begin to describe it. KBE deals with image transition effects, and they’re pretty spiffy. Sure would look kool on the front page. The only things I don’t know about is if you can include text, and if it will run inside the index page or as a popup.

Anyone have any success in importing their old db into 1.3.4? If so, how did you do it?