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I have fallen in love with the idea of YOTPO, but with the lack of key features and knowing yotpo has access to your customer data, makes me realize they are the forbidden fruit. [color=#ee82ee]UPDATE: I was wrong, the user owns the reviews, NOT Yotpo. [/color]

From what I can tell, nobody else is offering a service that easily integrates into cart software.

I would love to see CS-Cart consider offering a service similar to YOTPO. With services like Twigmo & Synchronize, a 3rd subscription service wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

I hope the powers at CS-Cart are intrigued by this idea… :grin: :grin: :grin:

PS, if you are not familiar with YOTPO, go check it out.


Thanks for the love, nathand!

Please check out our Privacy Policy where we make it clear that we don't do anything shady with your customer info – we just use it to send review request emails.

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Thanks for the love, nathand!


I've gotten nowheres with your support team. So please tell us what it would take for you to implement Google Snippets and the star rating into CS-Cart addon?