Product reservation

I would really like to have “product reservation feature”, this is because our store is fairly new and so we do not have a huge list of products and products are added daily now.

So, when a customer sees a product he likes, he can reserve it in the system. Then when more products are added, he can add more products to his reservation list. When the products he reserved are cost effective for him to confirm the order, he can then confirm it and make payment.

It would be good, if the reserved product is deducted from the inventory. Then after a predefined number of days (let’s say 3 days), if order is not completed (payment not made), then it’s automatically cancelled and product return to inventory. Good eh? :slight_smile:

Any tips how to do this? :rolleyes:

Sure sounds like a “Wishlist” to me :wink:

Wonder if anyone has any suggestion or workaround?