Product Records all deleted but I stil get products exported


I have manually gone through and deleted all of my product records. I even checked the table cscart_products and no records are now stored in this table.

However if I run the “export Products” utility I get over 5000 records in the exported file with just a Product Code. Where are these records coming from?

Probably from references to the products you deleted in the features, options, prices and other tables that were related to your products. Not good to just blast the products table.

You just thought you deleted it all.

By manually deleting I meant going through using the Products admin within the Admin backend. I didnt use SQL to delete records. I went through all pages, selcted the records and then deleted them using “Delete Selected”.

So using the delete Products in Admin doesnt't actually delete all Product reference records? How can I make sure all Product refernces are deleted?

Now that is interesting. I thought you did it via the data base.

You have no products showing up in admin?

I had no products showing either in admin or viewing the products table in My SQL Admin.

I've had to reinstall and start afresh!!

Depending on the version of your store, you might have to clear your cache after the deletion so that the products are removed from the cached data.