Product Recommentations based on customers answers to questions

Good evening.

I have a client who wants to have his customers be able to answer a series of questions to get product recommendations. For example:

  1. Where will this product be used? Indoor or outdoor
  2. How many devices will be hooked to this product? One or Mulitple …

    I’d like to have this be ajax and keep it all on one page. The final step would be showing them the products that are recommended.

    has anybody implemented something like this or even know where I would start?


Would using Product Filters work? They work as default using Ajax to load the available products as per 'filter' used in CS-Cart v3. There are also Product Filters blocks which would allow you to show the filters/questions at the top of each category or page with products shown.

I think it would would but client wants a series of questions that can be answered.

How do you intend on displaying products for these 'questions'? Will the answers be chosen from a list, or can customers give a free-range answer?

The initial thought was for customers to select from a list.

Any ideas?