Product Quantities Not Even With Physical Warehouse

Hello, I run a Retail & Wholesale CS Cart Store, using user groups.

Last Friday a Wholesale client purchased the last remaining items of a product.

Today I log in to the dashboard to find out that the item quantity hasn't changed.

I also see quite often, that although the physical products are inserted with care, in terms of the number of items, the CS Cart warehouse doesn't remove from stock.

I am looking to investigate further, or even hire someone to apply a fix.

Please advise


Hi there,

please check order status:

Open - Decrease
Backordered - Increase
Canceled - Increase
Declined - Increase
Failed - Increase
Processed - Decrease
Completed - Decrease

Above order status effects product quantity.

If other than this you want help you can contact


Please check order statuses log on the Administration -> Logs page for this order. As said himanshudangwal, in stock value is changed only if previous status has another value of the Inventory value (Decrease->Increase or Increase->Decrease)