Product Price + Modifier Price combined


Does anyone know of a modification or know the best best to modify the modifier so it shows the price of the product plus the option modifier price combined?


as it stands you have your product price - for example £100 and you have an option with a modifier of + £10

the options show - option (+10)

anyone know a method using something like {math equation=“x + y” x=$mod_value y=$product.price}

so it shows the calculated price next to the option instead like

the options show - option (£110)

You could select not to show option modifiers and then in you text field type in £110 next to the option as a work round


yes i did think about that - but would be easier to have it automated as its where we plan to roll out lots of stores and have staff admin them - i want to try and aviod them making mistakes! :slight_smile:

I added an exception to some JS stuff the prevented the Price of an item from including the selected options (example:

If this is what you want (note the single radio button which always adds the option), let me know and I’ll dig out where the change occured. It was a one-liner somewhere…