Product Pictures

I make candles that come in 3 sizes. Istead of having pictures for each item, I have one for each size and use it for all of the different fragrances that I make. I uploaded the 3 pictures to my server under images. I noticed that when I set up a new item, it makes a copy of the picture that I have on the server and gives it a new name. Every new item creates a copy of the picture that I already have on the server. This is the first system that I noticed does this. This does not seem to make sense. If it asks me where to get the picture and I state to get it from the server, it should use that picture for each item I assign to it instead of making copies and taking up more space.

Do I have something set up wrong or is the system just that way. Also, is there any way to make it not do this. All products that I assign that picture should all use the same one.


Hi aromazona

Yes, you can turn (Create thumbnails from detailed images automatically) off.

In admin-settings-thumbnails. You should then be able to use you 3 images each time, one for ( Product thumbnail ) and one for ( Category thumbnail ) then for ( Detailed image ). I think that sounds right, test it out and see if it works, I am lazy and let the software do all the images for me. :rolleyes:

I tried doing that and It still creates a duplicate of my thumbnail and a duplicate of my popup larger image. It does not make sense why it does that. There is no reason why it can’t use the same picture for multiple items.

Try making a couple of folders inside the image folder in your root, call them, detailed and thumbnail, they maybe already there, then upload the individual images to there folders, then place the detailed image in the popup and the thumb in the thumbnail. see if that does anything.

I tried that and it worked for the first product. When I went to the second Product, it trys to save the item again and because they have the same name, it changes the name and makes another copy.

Can you not try = whatever_name_p and whatever_name_d, just slightly modify the names, just a thought. :wink:

That is not the issue. I only have 3 sizes: 10oz Candles, 16oz Candles and 26oz Candles, but them come in 40+ fragrances. I have one picture for each size. I have each fragrance set up as a different item for all 3 sizes because I want to see what sizes and fragrances are the most popular. Instead of the system using just the 3 pictures for all of the items, it make a duplicate of each picture every time I set up a new item. I just wanted to explain this more in case I was being misunderstood. The system will not let me do that. The reason I want all of my items to use the same 3 pictures is so when I need to update the picture, I only need to upload the 3 new pictures instead of having to edit each item.

Thank you.

In short, you want to use the same image “file” for each similar product. I haven’t been able to figure this out yet either.

That’s exactly right. It seems odd for the system to duplicate a picture if you are using the exact same one for the same items. This is the first shopping cart software that I have used that has done this. I guess I need to put in a request for this.