Product Pagination Doesn't Work


Can someone please tell me why I don’t have product pagination?

On my product pages I don’t see any pagination.

I have pagination for ajax turned on and products per pages is set to 10

but even categories with over 40 products never show more than 10 total

and there is not a NEXT PAGE button or anything else to change page.

I am running CS-CART 2.07 and using the “Toy Store” skin, but changing skin hasn’t helped.

Incidentally, I have the exact same problem in the admin area (no pagination on products).

Please help!

sorry wrote on a wrong page.

Also a new thing I have noticed is that in searches it always shows: products found: 0 even though there are products actually found and displayed (search for “disc”)

This leads me to believe somehow the actual results number of the query is returning 0 for all displays and this turns off pagination.


Problem fixed.


Uninstalling 2.07 and going back to 2.06.