Product Page Design Questions

Hello everyone another new guy asking silly questions. I'm working on the product page of my site and I'm hoping you can help me with 2 small problems.

  1. I changed the review stars pictures but it is setting the width to 16px and the height to 16px inline. How can I change that?

  2. I would like to add the vendor logo beside the vendor name "Right now it has Vendor : Company Name ". Any idea how I can make that happen?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

The image dimensions for the stars are coded 3 times in:


Thanks Magpie that was a big help.

I customized the layout w/graphic and URL of a Manufacturer in my product's Features in v3.0.6 Pro; found the instructions here on the board that had 75% of what I wanted.

I don't have the Suppliers (or Vendor) addon included with Ultimate.

Are you showing the Vendor in the Features? or is this the Ultimate thing?

Hello scott3084!

Please, have a look at our Shop by Brands add-on [url=“Shop by Brands CS-Cart add-on”][/url] If you use Vendor name as a Feature, this add-on will allow you to display logo and has lots of other useful settings. Just have a look, probably it will suit you. This add-on is compatible with CS-Cart Pro and Ultimate 3.0.x. It will be also compatible with CS-Cart 4 after the official CS-Cart 4 release.

For CS-Cart Multi-Vendor edition we have a separate modification with the same features as the Shop by Brands add-on. It's not necessary to create a Vendor feature, Vendor name is used automatically [url=“"Shop by vendors" modification”][/url].

Best regards, Alt-team

Thank you for your help. I have attached a picture that shows my product page and the arrow points where i'm trying to add the vendor logo. I was hoping I someone had a line of code I could put in the hook to make this happen. Thanks again