Product Options

There is an issue since I have upgraded to 4.10 from 4.7. In 4.7. I did not have this issue.

I have attached an image of the issue. I product options when adding options, the popup little window that states "Link an existing option" is over my options. It is a royal pain to add an option when I cannot move that window.

Also, I need to add the product name to the top of options so I don't forget what I am adding options to. We always have to close it to see the product name we are adding options to. It is driving us crazy. The product options window should not be in a popup window. It should be in a tab. When we click on options, then add option, hopefully someday soon it will be in a drop down on the same page or in a tab, NOT A POPUP where it hides everything behind it.

So, can you please tell me how I can fix the little window covering over my options and to add the product table to the top of the add options window (hopefully thru "my changes, not editing the file.



Hellooooooo. Anyone there? I am still waiting for help on this issue.

Can someone answer this post please with how to fix this issue?

Hire someone to examine the issues or contact support team