Product Options with unique SKUs

Lets say I sell the exact same product in three different sizes: pint, quart and gallon. OK, it seems cleanest and easiest to create three different products.

But my old site does the following: 1) Initially, the product (regardless of size) has a default generic SKU, zero price, and if customer clicks into it, nothing is selected yet. 2) Once a size is chosen, The price follows, as does the weight, as does the specific SKU for the chosen size.

I can see that CSC can bump the price and bump the weight once the size is chosen. I don't see that it can 1) not choose anything until customer chooses it (IOW, lowest position variant appears by default) and 2) come up with a specific SKU for the size chosen.

I'm fooling around with Community ed., and if I decide to move to CSC, I'd like to know if either of the above are possible. My other option would be to create 3 separate items, and I do see that done on competitors sites, but I think that seems amateur.

My two workarounds are: 1) to create a size “Please Select” with zero price so you can't add it to cart (but then you get a message “[Contact us for a price]” which isn't ideal) and 2) Create Variant names like “Pint SKU 1001”, “Quart SKU 1002” and “Gallon SKU 1015”.

Can anyone suggest better methods?


Investigate “Option Combinations”. That will allow you to create a unique product code for any combination of options that you want.

Thanks, I'll keep reading. I'll note that the Reference Guide is quite detailed but is there a map of basic tasks needed to get a store off the ground? I know every store is different but surely many common tasks are needed. Anything out there in blog, forum thread or KB?


long winded if you have many options but works fine