Product Options "Track with Options"

I would like to experiment with product options and I’m trying to figure out how to enable it. Looking at the v2.0.X manual it says that in the “add product” page they there should be a “track with options” selection available in the Inventory field. I assume this selection will open up an option link at the top?

Well anyway I only have two options under inventory “Track without options” and “Do not track”.

What am I missing?

thank you!


Think you probably need to add some product options, once you have done this you will then be able to “track with options”.


That’s where I’m lost. How do you add product options in v2.0.X? I see global options menu but I don’t think that’s what I need?


Never mind I figured it out. The product has to be completed before the option menu shows up…duh…