Product Options Stock 404 Error


I use CS cart 4.11.3 Multi vendor, and i have a problem with options stock.

Let's replicate the problem.

I add a new product and this product have Size S M L XL and Color Blue end Black.

I put the options in options tab and click save,

On general tab Inventory -> Track inventory with options -> Save

Now on general tab on In Stock field i have edit button, when i click on edit Error 404 and the link is admin.php?dispatch=product_options.inventory&product_id=XXX

I post an video here

Any help ??

I don't want to use product variants.


Same problem here..

Is there a solution to this problem?

I also had the same problem, as a workaround I disabled track “inventory with options” in that product and it went away, of course this doesn’t truly solve the problem, hopefully CS-Cart is aware of this bug.

Instead of using "edit" can you use products option>option combinations

Instead of using "edit" can you use products option>option combinations

Options combinations has been deprecated in newer versions.

I have the same problem with 4.10.4. Will this be fixed?


many clients for many years use inventory combinations for their inventory amounts. Since option combinations are deprecated a serious issue arose because there are many integrations with ERP software depending on this procedure.

If you wanted to give the new ability of variations you should leave inventory combinations too, so the client can select what is more suitable for him.

This major change cause us huge problems


The solution is to online update from v.4.9.3, during the update a new add-on will be installed, called Product option combinations, with this add-on you can also use the old product options/variants from v.4.10.1.

I assume if someone requests this add-on from helpdesk, they will send it if the mentioned update is not possible.

Our Back in Stock add-on is also compatible with this add-on, you can have back in stock subscribers/notifications for options/variants from cs-cart v.4.10.1