Product options, How to avoid all combinations?

Hello again!

I am trying to configure a product’s options.

I select…

Product>product options tab>Option combinations

My product in general has options like size color and place (the place is where my logo is going to be placed).

I made some combinations so when you choose in the dropdown menu “place” (up,down, right, left etc) the picture of the prodct changes to show the new place of the logo!

When I go to the storefront and browse this product, when I change the “place” option the photo does not change! This happens because of the other options ( size, color etc).

How do I do it to change the pictureonly when I change the option “place” ?

Till now the only way I found is to rebuild all the combinations… but this produses more than 80 pages with combinations… and I have to upload the photos one by one.

Without the options (size, color) and keeping only the place, I just upload 6 different pictures.


We too have a similar need. Lots of option combinations. In reading other posts it seems that the only solution is to upload a picture for each combination.

I know this isn’t a solution, just a bump to let you know what the reality seems to be.

I feel so strange…

There is one more that has the same problem!!


What I want to do is this…

dropdown 1

dropdown 2

dropdown 3

Only the options of dropdown 3 affect the product… so ONLY this should be able to change the photo!

But I cannot do it!

Cheers tjordan!