Product Options / Configurator -- Image Upload

I apologize, as I asked a similar question in a thread a few months back, but let me try again with a different approach.

I sell products that I need a few details from the customer to customize, such as:


Custom Text:

Image (Photo)

Now with Product Options I can handle the Name & custom text, but I am looking for a way for the customer to Upload there photo to me with their order.

Ideally in the product option create tool, we have a few choices (selectbox, checkbox, radio, text etc.) I would like the option of adding an image uploader. (I don’t care where the file gets stored (any folder on the server will due), but what I would need is the image to actually be uploaded, and then the name of that image to be added as an option, and at that point I can just find the image on my server.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or is anyone interested in doing some custom work on this?

Thanks in advance.

You might try posting this in the third party developer section. Someone there would do this mod for you (for a price of course)

Someone just tell me the feature is there and I didnt see it…

File/image upload really should be a standard feature. This is the first thing I check for in a shopping cart. All self respecting shopping carts have it… I cant believe CSC has not implemented it yet… it’s 21 century and the books and shoe sellers since long have found their solutions. The rush is who will better cater to the smaller but numerous retailers of customizable products and whoever offer the best complete cart will rip off the competition. A wild guess but perhaps 20-30%of potential customers stop considering CSC just because of the lack of this single feature… Now including me… Just a shame for such otherwise capable cart.

I just asked the same question in another section here. We sell vinyl graphics and some users would need to attach an image to the order for custom work. Would be a nice feature to have.

394: what are you selling?

It’s a must have for any shop related to the printing industry… of which there are tens of thousands lately. CSC is one of the few carts that will allow proper configuration of size and options variants but unfortunately dosnt have the file/image upload function.

If any of the developers reads this… believe me there will be thousands of print shops buying your script because 99% of carts dont get the size-options-price functionality right.

The file upload function should be elevated for implementation in the very next release… before other carts get the variants/options right and customers swing their way.